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CBD and South East Light Rail

Adapting your business during CBD and South East Light Rail construction

Seeking business advice

The construction of CBD and South East Light Rail could change the way your business operates.

Business Connect has dedicated advisors, workshops and events to provide you with independent and confidential business advice and information during the construction period.

How Business Connect can help

An advisor can visit your business and help you:

  • adapt your business to reach new customers online
  • manage revenue and cash flow
  • attend a Light Rail workshop or seminar
  • source information about the CBD and South East Light Rail construction to plan ahead.

More information

For more information about CBD and South East Light Rail construction and other services to help small businesses visit the Sydney Light Rail website.

Point to point transport industry

Independent, confidential business advice for taxi and hire car businesses

Seeking business advice

The reforms to the NSW point to point transport industry may change the way you operate your business.

Business Connect has dedicated point to point transport advisors, workshops and events to provide you with the business advice and information you need to adapt to transport industry reforms.

How Business Connect can help

An advisor can visit you and help to:

  • adapt your business to the new market conditions
  • develop your future business strategy
  • market your business to be more competitive
  • attract and keep drivers
  • source information about the new regulations and financial assistance available
  • provide information about point to point transport workshops or seminars.

More information

For more information about the reforms and the financial assistance available to licence holders call 1300 767 923 or visit the Transport for NSW's point to point transport.

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