YOU are Invited to this FREE Business Planning Bootcamp (Merimbula)

When 11 October 2018 9:30am - 12:30pm
Duration 3 hours
Venue Bega Valley Regional Learning Centre 14 Cabarita Place, Merimbula
Cost $0
Description This adage is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but how many business owners take it seriously?

If you are in business or seriously considering getting in to business, start by looking yourself in the mirror and then asking this question, “Do I have a properly researched and written Business Plan?”.

Odds are the answer is “NO!”. It is a sobering fact that less than 20% of business owners have a written Business Plan. When you consider that researching and writing a Business Plan significantly increases the chances of success this is somewhat surprising, though it might go some way to explain why so many businesses fail in their first couple of years of operation.

A Business Plan should be fit for purpose. An almost impossible-to-maintain 200-page ‘door stopper' is not what most business owners need. They need something pragmatic and real.

This Bootcamp will cover the keys elements involved in preparing a Business Plan that will help you drive your business … and not have the business driving you! … including:
  • STRATEGIC – goal setting; SWOT analysis; time management.
  • MARKETING – market research (secondary and primary); competitor analysis; customer profiling; your Unique Selling Proposition and market connection (advertising and promotion).
  • OPERATIONS – production planning; HR planning; record keeping and bookkeeping; compliance requirements.
  • FINANCIAL – budgets; break even analysis; and other key financial ratios.


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