Funding programs


Many business initiatives have come to fruition thanks to a funding boost which was needed to kick start a great idea.

Funding can take on a number of forms including:

  • the Australian Government
  • at state level, from the NSW Government
  • industry grants
  • private grants
  • scholarships.

See below for an overview of programs available:

  • Business gov provides SMEs with a portal for grants/assistance, advice, support, skills and training
  • Community Builders NSW funding database for State, national, philanthropic and private grants and scholarships
  • Grants & Assistance Finder to check grant availability and eligibility
  • Indigenous Enterprise Development Funding supports the establishment of sustainable Indigenous enterprises
  • Knowledge Hubs industry knowledge hubs supporting collaborative industry partnerships
  • Scale Investors, Scale has a national network of 100 mainly female Angel investors who actively invest in female led companies
  • Small Business Grant to encourage the nearly 650,000 small businesses in New South Wales that do not pay payroll tax to hire new employees and expand their business