Smart Work Hubs

The NSW Government's Smart Work Hub Pilot Program was successfully completed in June 2016.

As part of the pilot, we supported the establishment and operation of five Smart Work Hubs in areas with large commuter populations. Five pilot locations were chosen in Western Sydney and the Central Coast:

All five Smart Work Hub established under the pilot continue operating after program completion, providing flexible working facilities in their regions.

The pilot showed a significant reduction in commuter times and distance for the users. It also demonstrated a wider potential user base from small businesses and entrepreneurs to large corporations.

The Smart Work Hub Pilot Program was designed to test the viability of the business operating models.

Co-working in NSW has grown significantly since the beginning of the Smart Work Hubs Pilot Program, with numerous facilities cropping up across Sydney and the regions. Many of these are catering to startups and small enterprises. In 2015, the Shared Work Hubs Association was launched to support this budding industry.

Supporting flexible work continues to be a critical focus of the NSW Government. On International Women’s Day, then Premier Mike Baird announced the NSW public service has promised to offer flexible working hours to all staff by 2019.