Central West Jobs Action Plan

NSW's central-west region has encountered a number of challenges in recent years, including the announced closure of the Electrolux plant in Orange to take place in 2016 and the downsizing of Simplot in Bathurst. To help support the region through these major structural changes, the NSW Government launched the Central West Jobs Action Plan (CWJAP).

Targeting regional growth

The Central West Jobs Action Plan (CWJAP) is administered by the Department of Industry and aims to stimulate job creation by funding regional business investment and infrastructure projects. Key elements of the CWJAP include:

  • Jobs for NSW: This fund offers financial assistance to significant regional investment projects.
  • Jobs Action Plan: This scheme offers payroll tax rebates of up to $5,000 to businesses creating new jobs.
  • Business Connect: This program provides small businesses with advice and interactive tools.
  • Fresh Start Support Scheme: An additional $1,000 to the Jobs Action Plan for a business which employs a worker made redundant from a 'Designated Employer' where 50 or more employees are retrenched.

For more information

For more details, contact the Department of Industry Office in Orange, NSW, on +61 2 6360 8400.