NSW Status Report Project

Status reports

The reports re-display publicly available monitoring data as reported on company webpages and government monitoring sites. The aim of the reports are to assist the reader to gain an understanding of the long-term trends. The report combines dust, noise, blast (noise/vibration), water and rehabilitation data from projects. Where an area has multiple projects in close proximity one report has been created to better display cumulative impacts and monitoring. Only data in raw figures reported on company websites has been used in the reports with links for further information on company or NSW Government data are also included within the status reports.

Regional summary

In regions where multiple status reports exist a regional summary of the data has also been created.

Data package

In some regions an additional data package has been created to assist in understanding water issues.

Compliance summary

The compliance summary compliments the status reports and provides information to the community on regulatory activities. NSW Government departments carry out regulatory activities to ensure compliance against project and licence conditions. The document combines summarises on inspections and regulatory actions within NSW as reported by the Department of Planning and EnvironmentEnvironment Protection Authority and NSW Resources Regulator.