NSW Groundwater Baseline Project

The groundwater baseline project is an initiative of the Commissioner in response to community concerns on water rights, licensing and use. This includes concerns on the impacts from existing and proposed coal mining and coal seam gas (CSG) projects on water availability and quality.

Department of Industry—Lands & Water undertakes regular monitoring of water sources to assess the impact of agriculture, industry, mining and CSG in NSW. To safeguard the environment and community, there is limited and controlled use of groundwater in NSW under the NSW Water Act 1912 and Water Management Act 2000.

The project explores the geology of a region and its groundwater sources to provide context. It examines existing groundwater entitlements and purpose. It shows the groundwater monitoring networks and highlights water level behaviour over time for key groundwater sources.


This project shows long term groundwater monitoring within individual catchments. This allows agricultural industries to gain an understanding of local groundwater trends.