The statements below apply to any content such as pages, documents, videos, images, sound files and computer code (the "Material") created by the NSW Department of Industry ("the department") for its websites.

This material, prepared by the department is subject to copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), and it is owned by the State of New South Wales through NSW Department of Industry.

What you can do without written permission (general license)

NSW Department of Industry encourages the availability, dissemination and exchange of public information. You may copy, distribute, display, download and otherwise freely deal with the material for any purpose, on the condition that you include the copyright notice © State of New South Wales through NSW Department of Industry on all uses.

You may also freely link to material on the listed websites without requesting permission.

Any copyright statement included within material on the listed websites overrides this general license. This general license does not extend to any materials that are owned by others, even though they may be published on the listed websites.

When you need to get permission

You must obtain permission from NSW Department of Industry if you wish to:

  • charge others for access to the material (other than at cost)
  • include the material in advertising or a product for sale
  • modify the material
  • publish the material to another website
  • use our logo.

To obtain such permission, please complete the form below:

Alternatively, you can contact:

Communication and Engagement Branch
NSW Department of Industry
PO Box 2213
NSW 2309

Copyright of content on linked websites

Content appearing on sites that have been linked from the material may be subject to third party copyright. Refer to the copyright notices on those sites before making use of their content.

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