Information guides for related agencies

Administrative and secretarial support is also provided to some smaller public authorities with functions and responsibilities closely associated with those of the department (see below).

The department maintains information on behalf of these authorities within its websites. Similarly, their documents and financial records are held on departmental systems.

It would be an unreasonable additional expense to require them to provide separate web access to their open access information. In these circumstances the most appropriate alternative to provide the free public access as required under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) is considered to be to continue providing this information through the department's websites.

Formal Access applications under the GIPA Act for information held by these agencies will also be received and managed by the NSW Department of Industry on behalf of these authorities.

Agricultural Scientific Collections Trust

The principal objects of the Agricultural Scientific Collections Trust are:

  1. to hold property which relates to the study of agriculture, fishing activities, forestry or mining and is of scientific or historical significance,
  2. to maintain and improve trust property,
  3. to increase and disseminate knowledge in relation to agriculture, fishing activities, forestry and mining which are related to trust property, and
  4. without limiting the generality of paragraph (c), to increase and disseminate knowledge with respect to Australian plant pathogens, other micro-organisms, insects and mites.

CB Alexander Foundation

The objects of the CB Alexander Foundation are:

  1. to promote and advance, either alone or in conjunction with the Minister, agricultural education at the C.B. Alexander Agricultural College or at any other agricultural college or agricultural institution,
  2. to advise and assist, as far as is practicable, the Minister in the operation and maintenance of the C.B. Alexander Agricultural College,
  3. to take or accept any gift, subsidy or endowment, whether subject to any special trust or not, for all or any of the objects of the Foundation and to carry out any special trust to which such gift, subsidy or endowment may be subject according to the terms thereof,
  4. to effect improvements to the C.B. Alexander Agricultural College or other agricultural colleges or agricultural institutions,
  5. to grant scholarships or financial assistance to students attending the C.B. Alexander Agricultural College,
  6. to support with or without grant of financial aid and whether or not initiated by the Foundation any scheme or activity which in the opinion of the Foundation is capable of assisting in the advancement of agricultural education in the State of New South Wales.

Fisheries Scientific Committee

The principal functions of the Fisheries Scientific Committee are:

  1. the functions relating to the listing of species, populations, ecological communities of fish and marine vegetation and key threatening processes as are conferred on it by this Act,
  2. to advise the Minister on the identification of critical habitat of endangered or critically endangered species, populations or ecological communities,
  3. to review draft joint management agreements and the performance of parties under executed joint management agreements,
  4. to advise the Director-General on the exercise of the Director-General's functions under this Part,
  5. to advise the Minister and the NRC on any matter relating to the conservation of threatened species, populations or ecological communities that is referred to the Committee by the Minister or that the Committee considers appropriate.

Last Updated: 15/09/2017