2017 Disclosure log

Ref. No. Date of decisions Information releasedAvailability
16-199 6 Jul 2016 Average Time Frame for Dredging Request Available upon request
16-202 6 Jul 2016 Information relating to concerns from DPI on uncertainty of data regarding stock assessments Available upon request
16-204 3 Aug 2016 NSW Commercial Fishing Reform Structural Adjustment Review Available upon request
17-1 14 Jul 2016 The Smart and Skilled Year One (stage 2) Review Report Download (PDF, 1536.32 KB)
17-2 9 Dec 2016 Smart and Skilled Year One (stage 2) review - providers who have failed to meet contract conditions, terminations, complaints of providers Download (PDF, 141.86 KB)
17-4 9 Aug 2016 Santos Annual reports, Safety and annual community consultation reports on PELs 427,434,12,433,1 and 456 Available upon request       
17-5 1 Aug 2016 Ardlethan Tin Mine - Mine Closure Plan Download (PDF, 141.86 KB)
17-6 9 Aug 2016 Correspondence relating to AJ Lucas, Hunter Gas, Dart Energy, Dart (Apollo) Energy and IGAS regarding PEL458 Download Part 1
(PDF, 27.34 KB)
Download Part 2a
(PDF, 1874.94 KB)
Download Part 2b
(PDF, 16839.95 KB)
17-12 2 Aug 2016 The number of native game bird management licences issued, and the number of native game birds killed, between 2013/2016 Download (ZIP, 4 MB)
17-16 23 Aug 2016 Appointment of the Administrator - Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Download (PDF, 2209.76 KB)
17-17 23 Aug 2016 Correspondence between Urbangrowth NSW and Lands regarding the future management and/or ownership of the Wentworth Park Sport Complex Reserve Download Part A (PDF, 380.52 KB) Download Part B (PDF, 4440.93 KB)
17-22 16 Aug 2016 Dollar value figures for contestable funds granted to TAFE and to other than TAFE – 2015/16 Download (PDF, 222.66 KB)
17-24 27 Sep 2016 Information regarding the rehabilitation of the Bibblewindi Spill site, 2012/16 Available upon request       
17-25 24 Aug 2016 Departmental circulars, directions or procedure manuals in relation to closure of Crown roads, as at 29/02/2016 Download (ZIP, 5.4MB)
17-26 12 Aug 2016 Information concerning the sale of travelling stock reserves between 2011/2016 Download (PDF, 52.33 KB)  
17-27 28 Sep 2016 The Prospecting Title Work Program for Santos’s PEL 427, 433, 434, 450, 456 and 462, between 2014/16 Download
(ZIP, 2.8MB)
17-30 26 Sep 2016 King Edward headland Available upon request
17-31 26 Aug 2016 Information concerning licences issued to charter fishing companies operating in the vicinity of Terranora Lakes and the Tweed River Download
(ZIP, 7.7MB)
17-34 31 Aug 2016 Information concerning the renewal of coal licence Authorisation 349 held by Hume Coal Pty Ltd; 2014 Available upon request
17-36 1 Sep 2016 NSW Government's Jobs of Tomorrow Scholarships - figures Download (PDF, 295.87 KB)
17-37 2 Sep 2016 Information concerning a new rabbit disease virus 08Q712 for the infection of wild European rabbits Available upon request
17-38 5 Sep 2016 Information regarding the Government buying back Petroleum Exploration Licence 445 Available upon request
17-40 21 Sep 2016 Agreement between Campaspe Shire and the Department of Industry regarding the management of riverside lands on the Murray River Download (PDF, 6663.65 KB)
17-41 5 Sep 2016 Information concerning shark netting in Ballina Download (PDF, 3348.58 KB)
17-42 16 Sep 2016 A report of 2015 on offshore sand resources/supplies in NSW Download (PDF, 4975.79 KB)
17-43 13 Sep 2016 The names of the 27 vocational education and training providers, other than TAFE, who received more than $1M in the 2015/16 budget Download (PDF, 96.22 KB)
17-44 21 Sep 2016 Information concerning an Aboriginal land claim over the Pelican Marina site between 1/04/2016 and 24/08/2016 Download (ZIP, 9.6MB)
17-48 23 Sep 2016 The appointment of Rodney Gilmour as administrator of Wentworth Park Sporting Complex Download (ZIP, 14MB)
17-58 31 Oct 2016 Records in part of Bondi Park (D.500048) Reserve Trust Available upon request       
17-60 28 Oct 2016 Answers to supplementary questions to the Inquiry into Crown Land in NSW regarding the Barkandji and Yaegl Native Title claims Download (ZIP, 5.6MB)
17-61 28 Oct 2016 The appointment of Mr Jason Masters as the administrator of the Rookwood General Cemetery Trust Download (ZIP, 24.8MB)
17-62 24 Oct 2016 The appointment of Mr Jason Masters as a probity auditor for aspects of the commercial fishing restructures Download (ZIP, 7.3MB)
17-63 24 Oct 2016 Documentation in relation to identification of the strain associated with the immediate notification report to the World Organisation of Animal HealthDownload (PDF, 1329.27 KB)
17-68 18 Nov 2016 All documents relating to the Close Puppy Factories website, and associated campaign Download (ZIP, 13.6MB)
17-72 18 Nov 2016 The records arising from answer number 48 of the supplementary questions of the Budget Estimates 2016-2017, General Purpose Standing Committee No. 6 - Primary Industries, Lands and Water Download Part 1 (PDF, 235.04 KB)
Download Part 2 (PDF, 1329.27 KB)
17-77 30 Nov 2016 Information relating to the smart drum trial in NSW Download (ZIP, 931KB)
17-78 9 Nov 2016 Records regarding the determination of the PRIVIF (Public Reserves Management Fund) for 2014-15 Download (ZIP, 13.1MB)
17-87 21 Dec 2016 Information in relation to Road Closing Application W562973 made on behalf of Wyong Coal Pty Ltd Download Part 1 (PDF, 466.17 KB)
Download Part 2 (PDF, 2089.93 KB)
Download Part 3 (PDF, 80.37 KB)
17-90 18 Jan 2017 All documents relating to Native title over Belrose Quarry – (now known as Lot 2 in DP1139826). This relates to Lease 412592. Download (ZIP, 12.4MB)
17-91 2 Dec 2016 A list of all Mining Leases and Mining Exploration Licences which have expired over the last 12 months. Download (PDF, 310.92 KB)
17-93 16 Dec 2016 Any consent by the Minister, or delegate, to WML, or any other party, to make MLA 352, and if any consent, any relevant authorisation for such consent. Download Part 1 (PDF, 604.71 KB)
Download Part 2 (PDF, 125.22 KB)
17-95 21 Dec 2016 Material produced in relation to projects commissioned by the NSW Skills Board Download (ZIP, 7.22MB)
17-96 21 Dec 2016 NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust Board Minutes since 1 July 2015, excluding any commercial in confidence or sensitive third party information. Download (PDF, 3759.46 KB)
17-97 20 Jan 2017 All information regarding breaches by contractors engaged through the Shark Meshing Program in 2010-16. Download (PDF, 3649.82 KB)
17-98 20 Jan 2017 Information regarding the false declaration of completed works by a contractor engaged under the Shark Meshing Program during 2014-15. Download (PDF, 3759.46 KB)
17-99 20 Jan 2017 Information regarding the breach by a contactor engaged through the Shark Meshing Program of the 72 hour maximum threshold for net checking during 2014-15. Download (PDF, 777.25 KB)
17-101 10 Feb 2017 Information since April 2015 between Crown Lands and companies which have not paid rent for use of Crown Land on which telecommunication towers are located. Available upon request
17-104 10 Feb 2017 Information since April 2011 regarding State and/or
Commonwealth funding for fire ant eradication.
Download (ZIP, 11.6MB)
17-105 31 Jan 2017 A list of all companies owing money to Department of Industry for the use of telecommunication towers on Crown Land. Download (PDF, 63.04 KB)
17-108 3 Feb 2017 Information since April 2011 regarding Crown Land
commonly referred to as the Tumut Bush Common
Download (PDF, 942.79 KB)
17-109 8 Feb 2017 Information regarding construction standards and
installation of monuments and memorials within NSW cemeteries and crematoria since July 2011
Download (ZIP, 7.26MB)
17-111 8 Feb 2017 Information relating to a likely gas well site at Cherry Road, located in Pilliga East State Forest Download Part 1 (PDF, 12992.95 KB) Download Part 1R (PDF, 108.98 KB)
Download Part 2R (PDF, 132 KB)
Download Part 3R (PDF, 962.06 KB)
Download Part 4R (PDF, 61.7 KB)
17-118 28 Feb 2017 Information concerning the Byron Bay Draft Coast Zone Management Plan dated 3 August 2016 Download (PDF, 1803.83 KB)
17-135 3 Feb 2017 Information concerning meetings between officers of Resources and Energy, Santos and Mineral Council officials in 2016 Download (PDF, 51.82 KB)
17-144 22 Feb 2017 Rent for communication infrastructure on Crown land, post iPART review in 2013 Available upon request
17-145 7 Mar 2017 Rent for communication infrastructure on Crown land, post iPART review in 2013 Available upon request
17-149 12 Apr 2017 Minutes of meeting held by Minister Hartcher in Seoul between 29/11/2012 and 1/12/2012 Download (ZIP, 12015.47 KB)
1 Mar 2017
Information relating to the Coastal Boundaries Interagency Working Group from 2014
Available upon request
29 Mar 2017
Information regarding the Water Sharing Plan for the Barwon-Darling Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources
Available upon request
4 Apr 2017
Information concerning Taradale Road, going from Spring Valley to Federal Highway
Available upon request
31 Mar 2017
Information regarding Mayfield Bowling Club and Dangar Park, Newcastle
Available upon request
7 Apr 2017
The draft Plan of Management for the Little Pelican Cottages at Little Pelican
Available upon request
28 Apr 2017
Information concerning a meeting between the Minister for Primary Industries and the Murray Valley Groundwater Class Action Group on 16/09/2016
Available upon request
11 Apr 2017
Correspondence from the Department of Primary Industries concerning cruelty to marine animals
Available upon request
11 Apr 2017
Reviews relating to the repeal of the Commons Management Act 1989
Available upon request
2 May 2017
Information concerning levee on Swan Creek, Grafton
Available upon request
19 May 2017
Information relating to the grant of Primary Service Authorisations for two establishments in Newcastle
Available upon request
16 May 2017
Information in relation to the lottery register
Available upon request
15 May 2017
Information regarding reserve trusts entities managing Crown Land as “controlled entities”
Available upon request
27 Apr 2017
Information concerning the NSW Dredging Strategy since 1/01/2017
Available upon request
30 Jun 2017
Information relating to the purchase of Crown Land by the Miranda RSL Sub-Branch Ltd
Available upon request
18 Jul 2017
Information relating to an approval by the Department of Primary Industries for works at Deep Creek Marina, Perricoota Road, Moama
Available upon request
14 Jun 2017
Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries concerning the Purple Spotted Gudgeon, the Oxleyan Pygmy Perch and the Eastern Freshwater Cod
Available upon request
27 Jun 2017
Information concerning Pelican Marina, Lake Macquarie, Swansea Channel
Available upon request
24 May 2017
Any licence granted under the Crown Lands Act 1989 concerning V8 Supercars Pty Ltd between June – December 2017
Available upon request
5 Jun 2017
Information concerning communication between the Department of Industry and Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd
Available upon request
26 May 2017
Information concerning the repeal of the Commons Management Act 1989
Available upon request
8 Jun 2017
Information concerning a proposal to close Wallaby Scrub Road, Bulga
Available upon request
13 Jun 2017
Data relating to North Coast Shark Meshing Trial from 8/12/2016 to 11/05/2017
Available upon request
5 Jun 2017
Data from 8/12/2016 to 8/04/2017 on the mortality rates for target and non-target caught in shark nets on the NSW North Coast
Available upon request
8 Aug 2017
Information about the costs associated with the inquiry and greyhound racing ban
Available upon request
18 Jul 2017
Data concerning the funding of Jobs for NSW Fund
Available upon request
18 Jul 2017
Data concerning the funding of Jobs for NSW Fund
Available upon request
18 Jul 2017
Information concerning the grading of the Root Hog Fire trail and signage for Deep Water Crossing of the Macquarie River
Available upon request
20 Jul 2017
Information provided to the Minister concerning the purchase of Fernhill for a cemetery by Rookwood Trust
Available upon request

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