Ref. No. Date of decisions Information releasedAvailability
18-151 22 May 2018 Documents held by CLWS regarding Barwon-Darling Cap Model and Credits
18-152 6 June 2018 Documents relating to complaints lodged against specified Soul Origin Franchises
18-153 29 May 2018 Documents relating to specified groundwater monitoring data and groundwater bores in Breeza NSW
18-158 8 June 2018 Documents from CLWD, Maules Creek Coal mine or Whitehaven Coal since January 2015 reporting on or relating to groundwater licensing, pumping and monitoring and from July 2017 to date relating to Maules Creek coal mine or Upper Namoi Groundwater Source Zone 11 (Maules Creek)
18-165 3 August 2018 Documents relating to Exhibited Animals Advisory Committee
18-168 15 August 2018 Information regarding Lockout Laws since 1 January 2018
18-169 31 July 2018 Correspondence between NSW and Australian Governments regarding the intergovernmental agreement on drought reform since 1 April 2015
18-170 16 July 2018 Briefing notes regarding the appointment of a Drought Coordinator including the timing and location of the announcement on 14 May 2018
18-172 6 July 2018 Correspondence regarding test bore Yarri Lake Narrabri
18-173 9 July 2018 Documents referred to Bylong Coal Project – Permian acquifier, KEPCO application, memos, documents, communications from 1 January 2015
18-175 15 August 2018 Documents in relation to cemeteries the Harley miller and PriceWaterhouseCoopers reports
18-177 6 July 2018 Compliance audit of Wild Animal Encounters (30/8/2017), Dolphin Marine Magic (7/11/2017) Koala Park Sanctuary (7/2/2018) and Stardust Circus (7/2/2018)
18-180 9 July 2018 Copy of the licence for the NSW Centralised Monitoring system
18-181 3 August 2018 All briefing notes regarding the progress and achievements of the $7 million Crown Lands information systems upgrade
18-182 4 July 2018 Documents regarding comprehensive regional assessment (CRA) and issues related to cross border impacts of Eden/South Coast
18-183 21 June 2018 2016 Animal use in research statistics – request details of primates
18-184 27 June 2018 Account totals on all matters in development of and support of Rock Fishing Act 2016
18-187 25 July 2018 Information regarding the deed of agreement between Department and Group Security Solutions
18-188 26 July 2018 All information concerning the purchase and transfer of Lot 369 DP755251 to Woy Woy Holding Pty Ltd on 19 June 2015
18-189 1 August 2018 Correspondence between Edward River Council and Ian Wall concerning lease of land
18-191 18 July 2018 Records held for licensed animal supply
19-1 – 18-195 16 October 2018 Information relating to the Menindee Lakes Water Saving Project
18-196 9 August 2018 Documents concerning the Leewood water treatment facility and irrigation
19-3 16 August 2018 The total amount of remuneration paid to the administrator of the Parramatta Leagues club and all correspondence relation to the holding of an AGM from July 2016
19-4 17 October 2018 Correspondence relating to rockmelons contaminated with listerosis from 1 December 2017 to present
19-5 14 August 2018 Email regarding the WA Department of Fisheries decision to allow NSW DPI access to Vemco email data
19-6 6 August 2018 Information in relation to the successful Awabakal Aboriginal Land Claim on the 0.6 hectare King Edward reserve formerly the Newcastle bowling club site
19-7 7 September 2018 Information held by the NSW Food authority relating to licensed game meat harvesting transportation and processing from Jan 2016 to Dec 2017
19-10 31 August 2018 Correspondence between Crown Lands NSW and external parties relating to the operations and land tenure of the Addison Road Community Centre
19-11 15 August 2018 Requesting the total board costs for Jobs for NSW, how this was spent and the remuneration of each member of Jobs for NSW
19-12 31 August 2018 All information concerning inducements to gambling
19-14 6 September 2018 All briefing notes and emails regarding financial and probity advice on the $3.3million equity investment through the Go NSW Equity Fund in Australia Oyster coast
19-17 7 September 2018 Requested license agreement between Euroballa Shire Council and the South Coast Hunters Club.  (Crown lands file 12/07868)
19-19 23 August 2018 Any correspondence from the NSW Minister of Primary Industries to the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, or Annie Street Commercial, Stronach Properties, Richard Anderson that outlines determination of Aboriginal Land Claim 36078 lodged on the 25/10/2012
19-25 18 September 2018  Income received from fees & charges levied for moorings, jetties and wharves including provision of licences and approvals within Brisbane Water
19-32 20 September 2018 All documents contained in file 09/15303 being documented related to the sale of Crown Land in Woy Woy
19-34 24 October 2018 A copy of the correspondence between the Department of Industry and Yass Valley Council that concerns or references the Safe and Secure Water program, sewerage in the village of Gundaroo, and the community group Gundaroo Against Sewerage plan (GASP)
19-47 31 October 2018 Information with regard to lands to Northern Beaches Council on the subject of proposed off-leash dog area at Station Beach Palm Beach
19-50 1 November 2018 Requesting access to documents prepared by and/or behalf of, the ALH Group (Australian Leisure & Hospitality) relating to allegations of spying on gamblers and gathering data on their habits, which has been provided to the State gambling regulators
19-51 29 October 2018 Correspondence regarding the financial costs and/or foregone revenue top the NSW State budget MOUs’s signed between the NSW Coalition and Clubs NSW between 2010 and 2014
19-52 5 November 2018 Information concerning the $3.3 investment I Stone Axe Pastoral Company
19-54 26 October 2018 Seeking information regarding inspections and corrective action requests at game meat depots and processing facilities across NSW
19-58 11 October 2018 Crown Land Improvement fund – successful and unsuccessful application from 2019-19
19-69 5 December 2018 All documentation related to the Ministers determination of the Aboriginal Land Claim 17440 (including any legal advice from the Crown Solicitor)
19-021 3 September 2018 Seek documentation regarding Official notices 2514 dated the 28 March 1991. Requests draft assessment and the outcome of this assessment that this notice refers to vacant crown land separation portion 33 and 102.
19-042 30 January 2019 Requesting documentation regarding the proposed sanctuary zones of Bird Island, Norah Head, Tuggerah Bay, Foresters and Bouddai. Also requesting a copy of any evidence of any scientific studies undertaken on the Central Coast as well as evidence of community consultation
19-049 IR 19 December 2018 Fish study work in relation to examining changes to Namoi Supplementary water access rules
19-078 19 December 2018 List of companies that have been provided with any of the following loans Accelerating growth funds, regional growth funds, Strategic Growth funds
19-079 IR 9 January 2019 All documents relating to the Coffs Harbour council and the Department with regard to the southern break wall
19-080 IR 18 December 2018 All documents and emails including those to and from the Minister's/Deputy Premiers office, regarding a "draft risk paper on Oysters for the Ministers office" referred to in an email dated 23 November
19-088 12 March 2019 Paddington Bowling Club Site located at 2-4 Quarry Street Paddington (being lots 3 and 5 in deposited plan 11568460) (the subject Land) for the period 1 January 2017 to date
19-095 5 March 2019 DPI Fisheries and the Office of Primary Industries relating to the logging of riparian exlusion and protected areas in State Forests subject to complaints by North East Forest Alliance and the design and establishment of riparian protected areas in State Forests as part of the development of the new Coastal IFOA
19-106 22 March 2019 Requesting information for the upgrade of Gosford greyhound racetrack
19-125 5 April 2019 Records that justified changes to unregulated access licences that allowed extra flows entering the system
19-127 1 April 2019 Complaints made from January 2016 onwards against pubs owned by Feros Group in relation to the serving of free alcohol to gamblers or other alleged breaches of the NSW Gaming Machine Regulation
19-130 25 March 2019 Information provided to the Minister regarding the Macleay River Quality Assurance program
19-135 8 April 2019 A list of all fines issued under the Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016
19-139 27 March 2019 Total expenditure for on vocational private providers from 2010-2018
19-141 8 May 2019 Seeking information resulting from an investigation undertaken by L&G NSW 1/2 December 2018
19-142 2 May 2019 Seeking information about the exact time date and place of NSW $5 mega jackpot lottery draw no 1292 Draw on the 21 January 2019
19-147 24 June 2019 Names of NSW DPI staff / contractors or workers who are currently paid / employed and or contracted to or by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust through NSW DPI as an organisation
19-151 4 June 2019 The Licence and Commercial details of the shared public asset - Howley Park East Five Dock
19-152 27 May 2019 Access to the reporting forms for Club Grants for the last financial year for top 20 ranked clubs in NSW per gambling profits
19-162 31 May 2019 Seeking investigation report and any associated documents held by NRAR and Crown Lands with regard to breaches of Water Management Act 2000 in relation to a crossing of Gillenbah Creek on Sturt Highway
19-163 19 June 2019 Seeking access to documents containing information about Origin Energy and Eraring Power station including its coal ash at Lake Macquarie NSW and the nearby Muruya Bay Sport and Recreation Centre
19-172 28 May 2019 All information arising following the decision of the Land and Environment Court regarding the Rocky Hill coal project
19-161 21 May 2019 Darkinjung requests access to information in relation to road closing application W593921
19-165 16 May 2019 Information on the Skilling Australia fund agreement between the Commonwealth and NSW
19-173 22 May 2019 Reference to the Gaming Licensing for Hunting in NSW. 1) Total finds collected by the Dept for G&R licences 2017 & 2018.2) split of licence fess into the Trust

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