Ref. No. Date of decisions Information releasedAvailability
18-1 1 Aug 2017 Documents relating to the sale of Raceways, including Deloitte Report Available upon request
1 Aug 2017
Documents associated with the historical use and development of the Luna Park Site pre 1990
17 Aug 2017
No. of Entitlements, Gaming Machines & Turnover for 2016-17
2 Aug 2017
A copy of the Constitution of Eastern Suburbs Legion Club
18 Jun 2017
Discussions concerning Biosecurity Legislation & Utility Providers with utility providers
16 Aug 2017
Water Licences Granted to KEPCO Bylong Australia
18 Aug 2017
CBD South East Light Rail Project
12 Sep 2017
Information re: creation of position and recruitment of Manager, Programs & Projects, DPI Orange
20 Sep 2017
Construction of water channel affecting Crown road at 'Miralwyn' cotton farm as referred to in 'Four Corners' program
11 Sep 2017
Proposed amendment to clause 66(1) of the Barwon-Darling WSP
12 Sep 2017
Discussions between Barwon Darling Water & former Minister Hodgkinson's Office
18 Sep 2017
Relocation of APVMA communications between Department, MO Blair and the Cth
22 Sep 2017
Subsidy grants provided to NSW Oyster & Shellfish Farmers
10 Oct 2017
Monthly racing expenditure statistics in NSW
7 Dec 2017
Pet Porpoise Pool at Coffs Harbour
27 Oct 2017
Ministerial Forestry Statement and the formation of the Regional Forest Agreements between the Commonwealth and the States.
27 Oct 2017
The 2 Letters From "Station Beach Protection Committee" Already Retrieved + Held in Readiness by Annmaree Sheridan as described in Attached Email of 5:04pm 8 Sept 2017
5 Oct 2017
Public Reserves Management Funding 2017-18
1 Oct 2017
Number of FTE Inspectors employed to undertake enforcement actions DPI Biosecurity
31 Oct 2017
Documents concerning Dinner at Moree with irrigators, the name of the Chinese restaurant, costs, invoices, and discussions re October 2015
6 Nov 2017
Information on the total number of employees working for jobs NSW, agenda and minutes, total expenditure of the J4NSW Fund and jobs created to date and the 16-17 year
17 Nov 2017
Monthly gaming stats turnover by month and locality in NSW
22 Dec 2017
All briefing notes, documents and emails regarding the Ministerial direction to WaterNSW under the State Owned Corporations Act 1989 regarding the Murray to Broken Hill pipeline signed by the Minister on 27 September 2017 (OSEC)
20 Nov 2017
Governance & Operational Concerns at RGCRT
18 Jan 2018
Documents relating to the $25 million Co-investment vehicle with the private sector through J4NSW
22 Nov 2017
1) Review of Rookwood Cemeteries Reserve Trust by Elton Consulting, including any interim reports
2) Consumer research on interment rights by Woolcott Research
8 Dec 2017
All documents related to the commissioning and consideration by the government of the 2015 Gambling Harm Minimisation Report by the University of Sydney's Gambling Research Clinic.
20 Dec 2017
All info re: liquor licence application which led to the grant of liquor licence LIQP770010099
18 Dec 2017
All documents presented to the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust Board relating to Killalea State Park since 1 January 2016. NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust Board Minutes since 24 October 2016 (excluding any commercial in confidence or sensitive third party information).
6 Dec 2017
Fernhill Cemetery Proposal - All docs re: request by RGCRT to purchase Fernhill estate at Mulgoa and trust funds allocated in pursuing the purchase
19 Dec 2017
Letter of Objection by WSC to Road Closure 532950 at Berrima
31 Jan 2018
Amount invested by NSWT&I in trade with Indonesia and return on investment
21 Dec 2017
All information re: Aboriginal Lands Claims 42494, 20657, 29716 lodged over Paddington Bowling Club 2-4 Quarry Street Paddington
22 Jan 2018
Correspondence between the Department of Industry-Lands and consultants Royal Haskoning concerning the attenuator to be constructed in snug cove, Eden and the cattle bay marina project.
22 Dec 2017
(a) Information relating to the Horton inquiry into licence conditions for Newcastle CBD. (b) Information relating to the AHA request in a letter to Whelan on 22/06/2017 regarding 2.53(2)(b) of the Liquor Act 2007
18 Jan 2018
All briefing notes and minutes of meetings held between Industry-Lands and local government authorities regarding vesting of local land to local councils
16 Jan 2018
Big Poppys Small Bar license approval – 7 August 2017 - Application No. 1-5607508306 a decision by ILGA, requesting exchanges of all communications between ILGA/DoI MO and representatives of the applicant, police or any other party
1 Feb 2018
Community and Industry consultation of Part 4 of Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 - Briefing Notes, minutes, and correspondence
11 Jan 2018
Statistical Answers re domestic waterfront licences between 2011 and the current date
1 Feb 2018
Details of the consultant recruitment process for the Eden Safe Harbour Project
2 Feb 2018
Current lease arrangements for Co.As.It and the Department of Juvenile Justice over the Yasmar site in Haberfield. Copies of the two leases or in the absence of leases, documents pertaining to the management of the site.
13 Feb 2018
Briefing notes and emails on sustainability of mud crab stocks
28 Feb 2018
Information on the General Levy on burials and cremations, and, information on the proposed extension to the General Levy, since April 2015.
10 Apr 2018
Organisations provided funding from Jobs for NSW & Number of Jobs funded
4 Apr 2018
30 most recent Ministerial Briefing Notes to Minister Blair
3 Apr 2018
Probity Review Report of Variation Lease AD462220D re Variation AG166650 & Variation AH80757 Redevelopment Batemans Bay Marina
16 Mar 2018
Market research study conduct as resolved in board Meeting 10/2/17. Periodic report on applications. Job creation forecast, comparative analysis with other states. Response from audit office treatment of loan guarantees
3 Apr 2018
All information concerning the land status and transfer of land being the former Hunter River Community School site
20 Apr 2018
The number of prosecutions and penalty notices issued under various Liquor and Gaming Acts and Regulations during 2016/17
16 Apr 2018
Shotfiring training program learners guide, resource and workbook, Trainer and Assessor Guide

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