NSW Department of Industry is committed to quality customer service. Our goals and commitments are set out in our Customer Service Charter.

We value your feedback, both positive and negative, to enable continuous improvement of the department's services.


We encourage you to provide feedback directly to the relevant parts of our organisation.

Alternatively, you can contact the NSW Department of Industry Corporate Customer Service Unit who will pass your feedback on to the relevant agency.


Wherever possible, complaints are best resolved by front-line staff. Where a concern or complaint cannot be resolved this way, a formal complaint may be raised through the complaints handling process.

Formal complaints can be made via:

What to include in your correspondence:

  • Your name
  • Your contact details 
  • A short summary of the issue, including any actions by NSW Department of Industry relevant to your complaint 
  • The names (if known) of any NSW Department of Industry staff members involved in the issue
  • The action you are seeking in order to resolve the complaint, and the desired outcome - it is important that you explain this as clearly as possible, to ensure there are no misunderstandings 
  • Any attachments (email attachments, photocopies or faxed documents) that may be of relevance to the issue.

Anonymous complaints will be investigated where sufficient detail is provided to substantiate a valid complaint. However, any investigation may be hampered by our inability to seek further information and details. Also, it is not possible to issue advice on outcomes to a complainant when no contact details have been provided.

An acknowledgement of receipt will be issued within two working days from the time a formally submitted complaint is received.

About our complaints handling process

In order to maintain and improve the quality of the services we provide, we are committed to addressing and resolving complaints promptly. Our approach to complaints handling is contained in the NSW Department of Industry Complaints Handling Policy and Complaints Handling Procedure.

Further information about our strategy can be obtained from:

Manager, Governance and Information Requests
Post:  PO Box K220 HAYMARKET NSW 1240
Phone: (02) 8289 3947