Skilled nominated migration (190)

Visa applicants

NSW is an extremely popular and highly competitive destination for skilled migrants. In the 2015-16 financial year NSW nominated 4,000 candidates for the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa.

For the 2016-17 financial year, we will continue to select and invite top ranking candidates in occupations on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List). There have been no changes to the list.

In recognition of ongoing high demand and to ensure that places allocated under the program are aligned to the skills needs of the state's economy, NSW has a selection-based invitation process for the 190 program. For an overview of the 190 application process download our how to apply factsheet or refer to our frequently asked questions.

About the 190 visa

The Skilled Nominated Visa (190 visa) is a permanent visa for eligible highly skilled workers to meet skill needs in the state of NSW.

Under the 190 program:

  • The New South Wales Government can nominate highly skilled workers with an occupation on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List).
  • The 190 visa is a points-tested visa. Candidates who receive a NSW nomination are awarded five additional points towards their overall points score.
  • Candidates nominated by NSW need to agree to live and work in NSW for at least their first two years in Australia while holding this visa.

The visa criteria and visa application process is administered by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Candidates who are invited to apply for NSW nomination need to demonstrate that they meet both NSW's and DIBP's visa eligibility requirements.

NSW nomination process

A new selection and invitation process for the NSW nomination program was introduced in February 2015. Under this process, prospective candidates for NSW nomination are selected from SkillSelect, the DIBP's online registration system for skilled workers. The top-ranking candidates are invited to apply for NSW nomination.

If you are interested in NSW nomination for the 190 visa read the about the eligibility criteria, selection process, invitation process and after you have been invited. You can also refer to our frequently asked questions.

Key steps for candidates

The key steps involved for NSW nomination for a 190 visa are detailed in our 'How to apply' factsheet or you can review the steps below:

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect
    Ensure that you meet 190 visa criteria
    Record your details in an EOI in SkillSelect
    Indicate interest for NSW nomination for a 190 visa
    You do not need to contact NSW after submitting your EOI
  2. Regularly check your emails to see if you have been invited by NSW.
    There is no set timeframe to expect an invitation after submitting an EOI. Invitations are not guaranteed.
  3. If selected, you will receive an invitation to  apply for NSW nomination by email
  4. Recheck your eligibility
    If you apply, you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the claims that were in your EOI when you were invited
    Read Are you eligible
  5. Submit an application for NSW nomination and wait for the outcome
    Candidates must submit an online application within 14 days of receiving the invitation to apply
    NSW nomination applications usually take 12 weeks to process. Please note, application fees are not refundable.
  6. If nominated, you will receive a SkillSelect invitation to apply for the 190 visa
  7. Apply for the 190 visa to DIBP
    Submit a visa application within 60 days of being nominated by NSW
  8. DIBP will advise you of the decision on your visa application
  9. If your visa is granted, move to NSW and commence your two year commitment to live and work in the state

For an overview of the process and how to apply, download our how to apply factsheet. You can also refer to our frequently asked questions.

Letters of Release

NSW Business & Skilled Migration does not offer Letters of Release. NSW nominates candidates under the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) program because their occupational skills are needed in the state. NSW nominees applicants are expected to live and work in NSW.

Read our frequently asked questions or download our how to apply factsheet.