Smart Work Hubs

The NSW Government's Smart Work Hub Pilot Program is helping to grow knowledge-based industries in NSW, supporting flexible work practices and offering commuters an alternative work location closer to home.

A 'Smart Work Hub' is a facility or space which offers workers an alternative to either working in their normal place of work or working from home.

Smart Work Hub locations

The NSW Government has supported the establishment and operation of a number of Smart Work Hubs in areas with large commuter populations.

Five Smart Works Hubs are located in Western Sydney and the NSW Central Coast:

Smart Work Hubs funded under the Program will operate for a minimum of twelve months. Using high-speed Internet and information technologies they will cater to workers who would otherwise commute to the city.

Pilot program objectives

The objective of the Smart Work Hub Pilot Program is to determine whether successful operating models and market demand can be established that would attract further private sector investment.

Smart Work Hubs funded under the Program will enable data to be collected to establish an evidence base for the economic and productivity benefits of Smart Work Hubs. This includes examining if Smart Work Hubs can:

  • increase business productivity and revenue
  • decrease infrastructure costs
  • promote regional economic development
  • introduce new technology and skills to NSW
  • enhance development capacity through cross fertilisation of industries.

The Smart Work Hub Pilot Program is a priority initiative under the NSW Economic Development Framework.

Success stories

Read the case studies of four success stories below of individuals who have benefited from the Smart work hubs
Kris SeeneevassenKris kills 'dead time' commuting from Gosford

Kris Seeneevassen has freed himself from the train trips that swallowed three hours from every working day. Read more

Sandra BartlettOran Park hub helps Sandra to start her own business

For Sandra Bartlett, the Smart Work Hub at Oran Park has provided the space to pursue a new career. Read more

Andrew BedrossianAndrew scores goals with the Penrith Hub

Using a Smart Work Hub in Penrith saves Andrew Bedrossian seven hours a week in travel time. Read more

Richard BattyWyong hub gave Richard back his family

A Smart Work Hub has given Richard Batty what he craved most – more time with his young family. Read more

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