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Manufacturing in Sydney and NSW

Sydney is Australia's main industrial city, with manufacturing contributing $31 billion, or 7%, to the NSW economy and employing around 250,000 people.

While manufacturing sectors in Australia's other capital cities have been affected by low-cost international competition and the relatively high Australian dollar, Sydney's manufacturers are more focused on the domestic market and high-tech manufacturing such as advanced electronics and biotechnology. These sectors have been more insulated from external forces.

Manufacturing in regional NSW

Regional NSW is also a hub for manufacturing activity, with the state home to more than 60% of Australia's regional manufacturing headquarters. 

For many years, leading manufacturers have thrived in the state's regions, which have all the amenities of larger cities and are well connected to metropolitan areas and transport hubs by the state's extensive road, rail and regional airport network.

Engineering and infrastructure management company Downer EDI, and defence and security company BAE Systems both maintain a substantial presence in NSW's Hunter Valley region, north of Sydney.

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