Research, technology and innovation

Innovation drives global leadership

The sector is also a leading developer of specialised technology METS (Mining Engineering and Technology Services) to enhance the cost-effectiveness of its operations and global competitiveness, delivering innovative technology solutions in areas such as surveying and modelling, processing and refining, monitoring and analysis, and safety and the environment.

It also works closely with information and communications technology providers in the research and development of enhanced computing models and software for mining operations.

The NSW Government is highly supportive of research and development in renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental technology. NSW is also home to a number of research institutes advancing the development and use of renewable energy.

The NSW mining, resources and energy sector is a globally recognised leader in research and innovation in the development of cleaner and safer mining technologies, and collaborates with tertiary institutions and other bodies, including the Australian Solar Institute, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Environmental Biotechnology Cooperative Research Centre.