Defence and aerospace

Collins class submarine in Sydney Harbour

NSW has the largest number of defence bases and facilities in Australia.A$5 billion turnover for defence industry in NSW

Home to the largest number of defence bases and facilities in the nation, New South Wales is uniquely positioned to help the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the defence industry.

NSW also provides the largest number of military and civilian personnel to the ADF of any Australian state or territory and is home to the Australian headquarters of some of the world's largest defence contractors.

Diverse opportunities for businesses

The presence of substantial, technologically advanced defence facilities within the state present diverse opportunities for businesses. Several international companies have already established headquarters or operations in NSW in industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Marine
  • Heavy engineering and fabrication
  • Vehicle construction.

NSW has the largest number of defence bases and facilities in Australia. As such, these facilities require the construction of considerable infrastructure to service large and complex operations. Large defence contractors employed in these projects give rise to significant opportunities for small to medium-sized enterprises.

The NSW Defence Industry Suppliers Directory provides details of many of the defence-related companies operating in NSW.

A strong defence industry requires many people, not just those in uniform. NSW's large defence presence ensures significant civilian contracting and employment opportunities. As a result, up to 30,000 people in NSW owe their employment to defence.

130,000 defence and defence-related jobs in NSW$1.4 billion in value-add to NSW defence sector