How we help exporters

Exhibition crowd

The NSW Government is here to provide hands-on advice to potential and existing exporters. We organise seminars, workshops and events to help potential and current exporters develop and grow their businesses. We have also compiled a number of resources and tools to help you set and achieve your exporting goals.

Through our export seminars, New South Wales exporters and would-be exporters can learn about the basics of exporting, visit target markets and expand internationally.

Export Capability Building Program

We have launched the Export Capability Building Program  to provide assistance across NSW. It is aimed at businesses seeking to initiate export activities as well as export-ready businesses looking to consolidate their knowledge and maximise long-term export gains. A series of 'Growing Your Exports' workshops are at the program's core. The program also includes informative webinars on topical issues for exporters, such as the recent free trade agreements forged with Japan and Korea.

The NSW Export Lab  program brings NSW exporters together to examine specific issues around exporting and is designed for export-ready business operators who are open to new ideas and are keen to energise and grow their international business.

Tools at your fingertips

Our department has also designed a number of tools and resources to assist with the specifics of exporting. The services export toolkit  provides 10 key tips for exporting services. It also includes a service export diagnostic designed to assess the critical criteria for export success while minimising your business risk.