Knowledge Hubs

Knowledge Hubs are industry led collaborative partnerships centered around NSW industry sectors. They bring together businesses, research organisations and industry associations. Their purpose is to share information, direct research and collaborate through shared projects to drive innovation and create shared value.

The video below shows how knowledge hubs work to create successful innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer to solve real world problems.

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Knowledge Hubs are led by a central coordinator which is usually an industry association or research organisation. The coordinator determines the activities of the Knowledge Hub in close consultation with industry members.

Knowledge Hubs Initiative

The NSW Government is committed to helping industry in leading the development of Knowledge Hubs through the Knowledge Hubs Initiative. The Initiative provides co-funding and support from the NSW Government for the delivery of collaborative industry development projects.

Find out more about the Knowledge Hubs Initiative here.

Goals and benefits

While different Knowledge Hubs may vary in their specific activities they have common goals and benefits including:


  • Develop an industry vision and strategy
  • Improve industry productivity and competitiveness
  • Champion projects and research with broad industry benefits
  • Promote sector wide market opportunities
  • Facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing


  • Creation of a united industry voice
  • Share world leading knowledge
  • Opportunity to influence public research
  • Provides a conduit to Government
  • Potential to enhance productivity through collaboration

Knowledge Hubs underway

Knowledge Hubs currently exist in the following five key sectors:

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How to join

Join a Knowledge Hub or to find out more about a specific Knowledge Hub, please contact the relevant coordinator via the following links:

More information

If you would like to know more about the Knowledge Hubs initiative, how to establish your own Knowledge Hub, or inquire about other Knowledge Hub launches please contact:

Helen Palmer, Senior Manager, Industry Development