Innovate NSW - Collaborative Solutions

Innovate NSW Collaborative Solutions provides grants of up to 25% of project costs (to a maximum of $100,000), to consortia to develop an innovative, new-to-market B2B solution.

The solution must use an enabling technology to address a high growth opportunity or challenge in one of the following key sectors: e-health, advanced manufacturing, energy technologies and services, online & interactive education, and transport, logistics & infrastructure. Submissions focused on other sectors will also be considered where the application meets all of the Key Requirements and Evaluation Criteria, and the sector is identified as critical to the NSW economy.

The consortia must include three entities: a technology SME with the ability to develop and commercialise the solution (Lead Company), a pilot business customer in a key sector that is willing to test the solution (Pilot Organisation), and at least one partner (Partner Company) that will provide additional technology, research capabilities, or assistance to scale the solution. Note: the Pilot Organisation is the business end-user however they are not committed to purchase the product, but to guide the development.

The purpose of the program is to foster collaboration between industry partners toward delivering a compelling, new-to-market solution. This consortia model of Lead Company, Pilot Organisation, and Partner is specifically designed to build relationships that deliver a solution with a strong opportunity for commercial success.

Please see the Guidelines and Sample application form, under 'Program Information' below. Note: Please do not submit a Collaborative Solutions application before discussing with your Business Advisor. Advisors are assigned to applicants following submission of the Preliminary Assessment Form.

Program information 

The following are supporting documentation for Collaborative Solutions: