Jobs for NSW

On 19 August 2016, Innovate NSW was moved to Jobs for NSW. The program is no longer branded as “Innovate NSW” and there are incremental changes to the criteria. Visit Jobs for NSW for information about their funding offerings.

If you have submitted a Preliminary Assessment form under Innovate NSW, or have been invited to apply for the Minimum Viable Product and Collaborative Solutions offerings, your proposal will continue to be reviewed under the Innovate NSW evaluation criteria. Please continue to liaise with your assigned Advisor or contact with any questions.

Success stories

The Department of Industry has prepared success stories and case studies on the following Innovate NSW funding recipients.

  1.  365 Cups, Simone Elyse

    Award-winning app brewed in regional NSW

    Wagga Wagga is the home of an award-winning app that allows users to order coffee from a café with their mobile phone. Read more...

  2. Divvy Parking uses smart technology to make better use of car spaces.

    A smart way to divvy up parking spaces

    Divvy Parking uses smart technology to make better use of all those car spaces in the city that sit vacant every day. Read more...


    Helping the elderly stay in touch

    inTouch Living has developed a platform that allows the elderly to communicate with their care providers, with friends and family, and with others in their age group. Read more...

  4. Connecting in real life with Meetisan

    Connecting in real life with Meetisan

    Meetisan is a social networking platform that connects users who have a similar interest and are only a stone's throw away. Read more...