Innovation and Research

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NSW Department of Industry is engaged in a number of research and development (R&D) initiatives in areas as diverse as energy, life sciences, photonics, primary industries and robotics. Research is pivotal for unlocking the intellectual capital in New South Wales, as well as strengthening the state's competitiveness, productivity and capacity for innovation.

The NSW Office for Science and Research is part of the NSW Department of Industry. It works with the scientific, engineering and research communities, the higher education sector and business to promote growth and innovation across the state. Its major objectives are to build the state's knowledge base; promote collaborations in science and medical research to attract increased investment; create strong linkages between higher education, business and the community; optimise the effectiveness of the government's scientific R&D investment; and identify new areas of scientific research that can benefit NSW.

Government R&D assistance

We have several programs to drive collaboration between businesses and public sector research organisations in the state.

The TechVouchers program provides grants of up to $15,000 for small to medium-sized enterprises to access technical research infrastructure and expertise.

Other activity

We co-ordinate events with supporting industry bodies such as the Regional Development Advisory Council, the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council, the NSW Multicultural Business Advisory Panel and the NSW Export and Investment Advisory Panel.

We also run a science communications and outreach program designed to enhance competition and productivity by developing a skilled workforce, with particular focus on engineering, mathematics and science.