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Local advisors

Experienced business advisors with strong local connections provide professional, high quality and independent advice, targeted to suit your unique circumstances. Advisors harness experience from a diverse range of industry backgrounds, experience running their own business and business qualifications.

Digital and innovation specialists

Technology-based disruption is being felt across all businesses with no business model or industry safe from its effects.

Speak to one of our digital specialist advisors to take advantage of the opportunity that the digital economy and new technology is creating for smaller businesses. Our advisors can help your business achieve growth through innovation and digital readiness, to disrupt, innovate, scale up and capture new markets or market share.

Attend a workshop or seminar to understand growth hacking strategies, search optimisation, ideation, design, email marketing and online advertising, use of automation and business model refinement to increase productivity and growth.

Creative industries specialists

NSW is home to around 50,000 creative businesses; roughly 37% of all creative businesses in Australia, with 97% of these being small businesses.

Speak to one of our creative industries specialist advisors to receive business advice and expertise to develop sustainable creative business models, disrupt traditional markets through creativity, scale up and plan for growth, understand business strategy, gain financial literacy and find out how to access funding and finance to expand.

Multicultural support

With 30% of residents in the Greater Western Sydney born overseas, many startups and small to medium enterprises come from culturally diverse backgrounds. Building trust and bridging the cultural or language gap is the key to ensuring businesses can access the advice, support and information they need to start or grow.

Business Connect multicultural advisors can provide business advice and support in Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin or Korean.

Taxi and hire car advisors

The NSW Government has introduced reforms to the NSW point-to-point transport industry. These changes affect taxis, hire cars, tourist services, ride sharing services, community transport and courtesy transport.

Speak to one of our taxi & hire car advisors to understand how the reforms affect the way your business operates, get information about financial assistance for licence holders, plan your business model and how to market your business to remain competitive.

Find out more about the reforms and new regulations on the Transport NSW website.

Light rail advisors

The construction of Sydney Light Rail could change the way your business operates.

Speak to one of our Sydney Light Rail advisors to plan ahead for any potential impacts from the construction, manage revenue and cash flow and adapt your business to reach new customers and source information about Sydney Light Rail construction.

Visit the My Sydney website for more information about the Sydney Light Rail construction and other services to help businesses.

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