When you're just starting out in business, there's a lot to think (and worry) about. 

From planning, financing, legal and marketing, to general management, exporting and human resourcing, starting a business can seem overwhelming.

Our easy-to-follow online resources including text and videos will give you confidence that you are on track, while our face-to-face support can provide you with more personalised guidance.

Find out how we can assist you at every stage of your business development.


Running a business can be challenging. 

Not only do you have to operate the business day-to-day, but you also may need to service existing customers or clients, manage employees and look at how you to achieve economies of scale, reduce costs, service other markets, overtake potential competitors and increase profits.

Watch videos and read case studies on how businesses just like yours have grown; make sure you're on track with our checklists; or take a quiz to test your knowledge.


You may want to grow your business to gain an edge over your competition, exploit new markets or remain relevant in your industry. 

Whatever the reason, once the opportunity to expand presents itself, it's best to be prepared. 

So how do you go about preparing for growth, what assistance is available and what growth strategy will best suit your current circumstances?

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