Departmental information guide

This information guide outlines in general terms:

  • what our structure and functions are;
  • what kind of government information we have;
  • what kind of government information we will make available to the public;
  • how that information will be made available; and
  • whether or not there is a charge to access specific kinds of information.

Our structure and functions

The NSW Department of Industry Skills and Regional Development (known as the NSW Department of Industry) supports the growth and advancement of globally competitive and sustainable NSW industries to attract investment, increase trade and create new jobs.

Formed in July 2015, we have over 8000 staff in locations across NSW and overseas.

NSW Department of Industry has many diverse functions. NSW Department of Industry is a legislator, educator, regulator, coordinator, subsidiser, mediator, advisor, research collaborator, sponsor, partner, commercial supplier, retailer and promoter and these functions are carried out by its divisions and authorities.

NSW Department of Industry is made up of these divisions:

  • Department of Primary Industries 
  • Industry Development
  • Resources & Energy 
  • Finance, Strategy & Operations

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What kind of government information do we have?

The department holds the following documents which contain government information:

  • policy documents;
  • documents providing published (technical) information and advice, such as research outcomes;
  • documents relating to the internal administration of the department;
  • documents relating to the appointments to various official positions, such as boards and committees; and
  • planning documents.

In addition, the following categories of documents are maintained by the department and its divisions and agencies:

  • documents prepared for the submission to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees;
  • documents prepared for submission to the Executive Council;
  • briefing papers for Ministers;
  • correspondence with other jurisdictions, Ministers, Members of Parliament and members of the public;
  • internal working papers of the department;
  • public registers under certain Acts administered by the department;
  • licensing information; and
  • reports, fact sheets, guidelines and manuals.

What kind of government information is available to the public and how?

Open access information

NSW Department of Industry makes available, free of charge on its website and through the websites of its divisions and agencies, the following open access information:

Other proactively released information

NSW Department of Industry also makes a large range of additional information available, free of charge, on its website and on the websites of its divisions and agencies. This information includes:

  • the department's Code of Conduct; and
  • publications (such as factsheets, manuals, guidelines, reports).

Some hard copy books and maps are available from the department at a cost.

Information available upon informal request

You may make a request for any other type of information held by the department. As a general rule the department will provide the following types of information based on an informal request:

  • copies of correspondence sent to us by you;
  • copies containing your personal information;
  • copies of documents that are already in the public domain; and
  • copies of documents which would not raise any potential concerns in terms of public interests considerations against disclosure.

Please note that in some cases you may be asked to submit a formal request. Conditions may also be imposed in some cases in relation to the use or disclosure of information provided to you under an informal request.

Information available in response to a Formal Access Application

You may apply for access to all other information held by the department, with the exception of information that is categorised as 'excluded information' under the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA).

You may write to:

Governance & Information Access Unit
NSW Department of Industry
GPO Box 7060
Sydney NSW 2001

Please note that any formal applications will be subject to application fees and processing charges in accordance with GIPA.

Information that is not available in response to a Formal Access Application

Although an access application may be made for all other government information held by the department, we are unable to release information if there is an overriding public interest against the disclosure of the information.

Some of the information that we are unable to release in response to an access application includes:

  • Cabinet information (as defined in item 2 of Schedule 1 of the GIPA Act);
  • Executive Council information (as defined in item 3 of Schedule 1 of the GIPA Act);
  • Documents that are subject to Parliamentary privilege, such as draft answers to Questions on Notice (item 4 of Schedule 1 of the GIPA Act); and
  • Documents relating to section 146 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act (item 12 of Schedule 1 of the GIPA Act).