About the NSW Government

NSW is Australia’s premier state. Boasting abundant natural beauty, resources and diverse communities, we are the nation’s leading economy.

NSW has a rich diversity of industries, a strong research and innovation culture and one of the finest political, regulatory and financial regimes in the world.

The state is a world leader in professional and financial services and is a truly global place to do business, with a highly educated and multilingual workforce.

The NSW Government is committed to attracting and growing business, creating jobs and improving the ease of doing business in NSW.

Two NSW Government agencies collaborate to provide services and offer advice to individuals and businesses interested in investing, exporting, buying, living and working in NSW.

NSW Department of Industry

The NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development (known as the NSW Department of Industry) leads the state government's contribution to making NSW:

  • a fertile place to invest and to produce goods and services, and thereby
  • create jobs and opportunities for our citizens

We support all areas of economic activity where NSW has competitive strengths. We also have responsibilities for:

  • skill formation and development to match industry demand
  • partnering with stakeholders in stewardship and sustainable use of the state's natural resources; and
  • supporting economic growth in the regions.

Our strategies are built on close relationships to understand industry's needs. We deliver a wide range of training and specialist advisory services; and we help to secure efficient and dependable government decision-making that contributes to business confidence.

We measure our success by the:

  • growth in quantity of employment and the value of output; and the
  • competitiveness and sustainability of industries in NSW.

Department of Premier & Cabinet

International Trade and Investment (ITI) is a branch within the Department of Premier & Cabinet. Its purpose is to promote export trade and to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into NSW.

ITI’s Trade and Export Development Services team works with NSW businesses to develop their export capabilities. This team has experienced export advisors in Sydney as well as advisors based in five regional areas of NSW.

ITI’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) team work with international businesses to promote and attract investment into NSW.

In pursuit of this work the NSW Government have 11 Trade Commissioners and Directors based in NSW’s 10 priority markets.

The benefits of FDI and trade are multi-dimensional. FDI provides a source of capital for NSW business expansion and both FDI and trade promote competition, facilitate technology transfers, create jobs and assist the upskilling of the workforce.

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